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After validation, I got an error and I got returned back to :action => :new. Some field on form already filled, so I want to keep them filled even after error message too. How it can be done?

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Your View (new.html.erb) something like following

<%= error_message_for :user %>
<% form_for :user, :action=>"create" do|f|%>

<%= f.text_field :login %>

<% end %>

Controller Code (create method)

def create[:user])
     redirect_to :action=>'index'
     render :action=>'new'  #you should render to fill fields after error message
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In your view code for the 'new' action use FormHelper tags that reference the same model as your create action eg.

<%= text_field :user, :login %>

Then in your create action, use a model instance with the same name:

@user =
# detect error, redirect to 'new'

The FormHelper will use the value of this instance if it is available.

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If you want to retain information about what was inputted in the form, you can't redirect without storing the information somehow. The standard way to do it is to create @user in the create action and just render :new, which will pick up the changed values. – BaroqueBobcat May 26 '10 at 22:45

Since in my case the form was in the view of another controller I did use flash to store my data and then check if there is data in flash present. If yes take this for default values for your input fields, if not just show whatever you want to show then.

So snippets from my code

flash[:date] = start_date

# in the view where to form resides
start_day = flash[:date].nil? nil : flash[:date].day
# ...
<%= select day start_day ... %>

Hope that helps some of you ;-).

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