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cache.set(key, Biglist, 3600)
print cache.get(key)

When my "Biglist" is a huge list of lots of content, it doesn't seem to store.

But when I change it to small text like "abc", it stores.

What do I have to configure so that I can set my memcache to accept unlimited size of key/value?

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See What is the maximum data size you can store section in the FAQ.

What is the maximum data size you can store? (1 megabyte)

The maximum size of a value you can store in memcached is 1 megabyte. If your data is larger, consider clientside compression or splitting the value up into multiple keys.

Why are items limited to 1 megabyte in size?

Ahh, this is a popular question!

Short answer: Because of how the memory allocator's algorithm works.

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