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Im writing app in haskell and I would like to export some functions and datatypes to other files and then be able to use them in my main file.

How to do this ?

thanks for help

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The Wikibooks page on Haskell modules would be a good starting point, or the relevant section of Learn You a Haskell (especially the "Making our own modules" part).

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You could lay out your source code like so:


You need to specify in A/Module.hs which module it actually is; it has to be:

module A.Module where


In Main.hs, you import A.Module; all names are exported by default.

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But in Haskell module names don't have to match file names in the same sense that a Java class com.example.Service has to be in com/example/Service.java. Individual compilers can establish conventional correspondences for the sake of convenience, but you could also tell GHC (for example) to find MyModule in SomeRandomDirectory/NotMyModule.hs if you really wanted to, and (more typically) your Main module doesn't have to live in a file named Main.hs. –  Travis Brown May 27 '10 at 13:57
That's true; you can break from convention if you want to. It's not uncommon to see Cabal project directories that have src/A/Module.hs. The more sophisticated redirects that you suggest, I've never tried. –  solidsnack May 27 '10 at 18:10

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