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I'm trying to mash all my changes since I last pushed to the svn server into one big patch that I can email to my coworker for review. Can I do this with git format-patch ?

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You could use git format-patch origin/master to get all the patches since your current branch forked from the server. (The HEAD is assumed as the final argument in the command, so you are getting origin/master..HEAD.)

However, as VonC hints at, that could potentially create a lot of files: one .patch file for every commit you made! If you want just a single big patch file, the git-diff syntax he mentions should to the trick. (git diff origin/master.. > bigpatch.patch would give you all the changes since the common ancestor of your HEAD and the server.)

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For dealing with one file, git diff is more appropriate (for patches of text files)

git diff R1..R2 > patchR1R2.diff
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