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I have a pretty standard css layout where I use a container div that is 980px wide to hold everything. The only problem is that I want to have a 1900px wide banner half way down the page that is centered in the middle and is 100% width of the page. Is there any way to do this without getting rid of the container div?

so I am wanting

 |   |           |   | 
 |   |           |   | 
 |   |           |   | 
 |___|           |___|
 |                   |
 |                   |
 |___             ___|
 |   |           |   |
 |   |           |   |
 |   |           |   |
 |   |           |   |

     < 980px    > container
 < 100% page width  >

Anyone know how to get that 1900px banner centered in the middle without deleting my container div?


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I didn't do 1900px for the sake of the demo, but i'm sure you'll get the idea :)


Cliff notes:

HTML: remove containerWrapper if you want the whole banner visible (make scroll bars)

<div id="containerWrapper">
    <div id="container">


       <div id="banner">        
              someday i'll grow  up to be 1900 px wide!      




#containerWrapper {

#container {

#banner {
    margin-left:-200px; /* (this width - #container) / 2 */
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thanks heaps dan! Two things.. does this work on all browsers? and secondly if its 1900px wide wont it create a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom? how do i get rid of this? – nick May 27 '10 at 2:26
I tested it on IE8, FF, Chrome and Safari. As for the scroll bars, see the "containerWrapper" i added in the answer. – Dan Heberden May 27 '10 at 2:48

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