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I really like how Things gives us ability to capture todos without switching to the app. How to do this? I can't find any relevant code with google. Any ideas, urls or maybe code snippets?

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You can either build another program as a helper, which runs in the background waiting for a global shortcut to be called and which communicates with the main program afterwards (this is the way Things is doing it). Or you can design a quick entry window within your application and start it when an global shortcut was called. The second solution will only work if your main program is active. –  Florian Pilz Jul 30 '11 at 14:32

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I learned about global hotkeys from the example on this website here.

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I'm not familiar with Things, but it sounds like you're describing a Service. Services live in the application menu under Services.

TextEdit.app provides a "New Window Using Selection" service, for example.

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No it's not a service, but a helper which runs in the background. If you open the activity monitor and filter for the term Thins you will see two applications: Things and Things Helper. –  Florian Pilz Jul 30 '11 at 14:29

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