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I have an ASP.Net questionnaire application that resubmits data to the same page, showing a different question each time. There are BACK and NEXT buttons to navigate between questions.

I would like to detect when the form is submitted due to a browser refresh vs. one of the buttons being pressed. I came across a WebForms approach but don't know how to apply those principals in an MVC 2 application since page events aren't available (as far as I know... I'm pretty new to Microsoft's MVC model).

How would one apply that principle to MVC 2? Is there a better way to detect refresh?

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You could use the redirect-after-post pattern with TempData. Example:

  1. The Back and Next buttons POST a form to a controller action
  2. The controller action puts some state into the TempData and redirects to another controller action which will verify that the data is in TempData and return the view
  3. The user presses F5 on the browser, the previous action is called on GET and as the state is no longer into TempData you know the user pressed F5 and didn't pass through the form submission.

And to illustrate this:

public class HomeController: Controller
    public ActionResult Index()
        var state = TempData["state"];
        if (state == null) 
            // the user directly arrived on this action without passing 
            // through the form submission
        return View();

    public ActionResult Index(string back)
        TempData["state"] = new object();
        return RedirectToAction("Index");
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@Darin: When I refresh the page, I see that the default submit button is included in the Form variables. I'm new to this, but doesn't Index(string back) rely on the submit button not being part of the posted data? – Eric J. May 27 '10 at 6:00
What Form variables? The back parameter I've included could be used to detect which one of the two submit buttons have been pressed on the form (NEXT or PREV). You could have two submit buttons inside the same form and give them different names. For example: <input type="submit" name="back" value="PREV" />. Then you could check whether the back parameter is null or empty to know which of the two buttons was clicked. – Darin Dimitrov May 27 '10 at 6:03
@Darin: My two buttons are currently named Back and Next. When I click Refresh, Forms["Next"] contains a value. – Eric J. May 27 '10 at 6:09
Yes, then rename my back parameter to Next and don't look at Forms["Next"], it will instead be passed to the controller action. – Darin Dimitrov May 27 '10 at 6:11
I'll give it a try... in the morning though as it's quite late here. Thanks for your help! – Eric J. May 27 '10 at 6:11

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