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Currently, I'm using a strategy found on many blog posts. Basically, the URL contains the page number (e.g. /Users/List/5 will give you the users on page 5 of your paged list of users). However, I'm not running into a situation where one page must list two separate paged lists. How do I go about doing this using ASP.NET MVC? Do I simply provide two url parameters (e.g. /Users/List?page1=1&page2=2)? Is there a better way by using partial views?

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Ignoring routes for just a minute, you'll just keep the state of the 2 different pages in the URL as querystring parameters.


Then you build the data/pagers accordingly. The pager links will just update the url.

You can get creative with routes to create more friendly URLs, but I think querystring params are perfectly acceptable here.

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What if you also have to keep up with multiple search parameters as well? –  Dale Marshall May 3 '10 at 20:09
This becomes slightly more complex. You'll probably want to have a helper take in some context and generate the appropriate URL. –  Ben Scheirman May 4 '10 at 0:55

I've found ASP.NET MvcPager on the official asp.net site.

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If you use query parameters then the page links in each list have to know about each other in-order to pass both parameters.

If the two lists are independent of each other then you can update them individually using jquery & ajax. Simply place each list in their own div as a partial view.

<div id="list1"><%= Html.RenderPartial ("ListA") %></div>
<div id="list2"><%= Html.RenderPartial ("ListB") %></div>

Lookup ajaxSubmit from the jQuery Form plugin for an easy way to update the lists.

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Maybe this can help?

Stephen Walther's blog article on creating a pager HTML helper.

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PagedList.Mvc is a really easy to use plugin, and is available via Nuget too.

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This paging extension for MVC-2 looks pretty cool, although I've not used it yet.

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