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How to install the application in *.apk file into the Android emulator?

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launch the emulator

install with :

$> adb install fileexplorer.apk

then click on the icon on the emulator

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adb devices --> It will give list of devices running by your SDK --> If there is only one device...use this command

adb install ".apk"

--> If there are multiple devices running then you need to select the emulator

adb -s emulator-5556 install ".apk"

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Go to ADT Bundle->SDK -> Platform Tools -> paste the .apk file.

Command Prompt:

adb install filename.apk



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  1. Execute the emulator.
  2. Start the console (Windows XP), Run -> type cmd, and move to the platform-tools folder of SDK directory.
  3. Paste the APK file in the 'platform-tools' folder.
  4. Then type the following command.

      adb install [apk file name]


      adb install gaurav.apk
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Well you can have a look at these tutorials if you are not able to do it the way Stephane said it. Install Tutorial Uninstall Tutorial Hope it will help you as a beginner..tc

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