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How to develop a DirectFB app without leaving X.11 environment

I installed DirectFB 1.4.3 in my Fedora PC. When I try to run some bin application of DirectFB like "dfbinfo", I get the following error:

"opening /dev/fb0 failed. No such file or directory. Error opening framebuffer device!"

I checked in framebuffer is enabled in kernel by verifying /boot/config file and its enabled.

Can someone let me know how to enable the framebuffer device /dev/fb0?

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I believe this was already discussed here: stackoverflow.com/questions/521957/… –  karlphillip Jul 20 '10 at 18:31

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Opening /dev/fd0 with "No such file or directory" error could be due to lack of framebuffer kernel module. This is one with a name like xxxxxfb.ko
The path for this module is /lib/modules/YOUR_KERNEL Try to find all of them:

$find /lib/modules/YOUR_KERNEL | grep fb.ko

Then figure out what is the appropriate one for your system and load it with

$insmod ....

Then try:

$sudo cat /dev/fb0

If successful, you will see a lot of output. Then your test should also work.

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