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Does anyone know how to string a group of arrays into a single variable? I am trying to covert the a date format into another format, but i need to string to the arrays.

$date_parts=explode("-", $datetochange);

//Displays 2008
print $date_parts[0];

//Displays 11
print $date_parts[1];

//Displays 5
print $date_parts[2];

//Stringing the Arrays together
$dateData = $date_parts1[0] + $date_parts1[2] +$date_parts1[1];

I want end results to be:


But I do not know how to string the variables together, can anyone help?

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For that problem, try using PHP's default date() function.

$new_date = date("Y-d-m", strtotime($datetochange));

Or long answer short,

$date_parts1[0] . '-' . $date_parts1[2] . '-' . $date_parts1[1];

Or like the other guy said,

$new_date = implode('-', $date_parts1);
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The reverse of explode(), implode():

$temp = $date_parts[2];
$date_parts[2] = $date_parts[1];
$date_parts[1] = $temp;

Or concatenation:

$dateString = $date_parts[0] . '-' . $date_parts[2] . '-' . $date_parts[1];
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Like this?

   $date = "2008-11-05";
   $new_date = date("Y-d-m", strtotime($date));
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Here's a function:

function date_convert($date){
	return $date_unix=implode("-",$date_1);


After this just call the function with:


Note: the input date delimiter here is "/", but you can change it in whatever you want.

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