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I have two Perl one liners:

perl  -pe "s/\b$a\b/$b/g if m/param1 /"  test


perl  -pe "s/\b$a\b/$b/g unless /^#/" test

How can I combine theif m/somthing/ and the unless /something/, like:

[root@localhost tmp]#  perl  -pe "s/\b$a\b/$b/g if m/param1/ unless /^#/"  test
syntax error at -e line 1, near "m/param1/ unless"
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On an unrelated note, you may want to add the \Q and \E escape sequences around $a in your regex:

perl  -pe "s/\b\Q$a\E\b/$b/g if m/param1 /"  test

They escape any characters that are special to regexes. If you intend for $a to hold a regex you should probably move the word boundary assertions (\b) into it.

No matter what you choose to do, you will need to be careful with values in $a and $b. For instance:

perl  -pe "s/\b\Q$a\E\b/$b/g if m/param1 /"  test

will cause a syntax error. One solution to this is to not use environment variables to replace code. Perl allows you access to the environment through the %ENV hash:

perl -pe 's/\b\Q$ENV{a}\E\b/$ENV{b}/g if m/param1 /' test

Notice the use of single ticks to avoid treating $ENV as a shell variable.

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perl  -pe "s/\b$a\b/$b/g if m/param1/ && ! /^#/"  test

does it.

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unless is the same as if not. Judging by the way you've written the statement, I'm guessing you mean the following:

 perl  -pe "s/\b$a\b/$b/g if m/param1/ and not /^#/"  test

(Although, you might have meant or instead of and?)

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Also note that its better to use && instead of 'and'. 'and' has a much lower priority than && –  Kavet Kerek Jun 7 '10 at 17:06

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