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the Android ndk is hard to use for the old autoconf based code, so i employed scratchbox2/emdebian to have a complete build environment. can i build a shared library in emdebian (arch is armel) and then use it in android?

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The official NDK comes with a version of GCC that works with Google's custom Bionic libc. If you are using a version of GCC that is intended to work with the GNU libc then you must statically link it in (as is done by the Crystax NDK). So even if your compiler generates the correct instructions, it may be worthwhile to rework your build environment to avoid bloating your application unnecessarily.

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thanx. i donnot think static link is an option, find this github.com/tmurakam/droid-wrapper. will see if it works. –  Dyno Hongjun Fu May 28 '10 at 3:56

armel is Arm Eabi. Android is ARMv5 eABI. They will probably be compatible.

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