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I need to localize an application and have noticed that several countries don't appear in the list of county codes associated to cultureInfo.

One example is Cyprus, I assume there might be others.

If i need to localize settings for Cyprus (or other missing ones) how would I rename my resource files that they would render the correct text and such?


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When localizing to Cyprus, you would need to either localize to Greek (for the Greek part of the island), or to Turkish (for the Turkish part). As the island is composed of these two cultures, it does not have a CultureInfo of its own.

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Can you give me the example of the file name i should you for the resource file? –  SetiSeeker May 27 '10 at 10:46
@Ian - it is el for Greek and tr for Turkish. You could also use el-GR for Greece, or tr-TR for Turkey. See this list: authors.aspalliance.com/aspxtreme/sys/globalization/demos/… –  Oded May 27 '10 at 10:49
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