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I'm trying to find a version of UDP which just alleviates the restriction of a maximum size of the message sent. I don't care about reliability or partial retransmission, if all chunks arrive I want the message to be assembled from the chunks in sending order and delivered to the listening app. If one or more chunks are missing I would just like to discard the message.

The goal is to have a low-latency notification mechanism about real time data, but with the added support for bigger messages than what would fit in an IP datagram. I would like the protocol to be one way only, and not have long connection setup times.

An optional feature to be able to respond to a received message wouldn't hurt (a concept of an unreliable connection), but is not necessary.

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What was the solution you picked? – bertelmonster2k Jun 8 '10 at 16:34
I havent' really found anything. I should have been more explicit. The problem with Enet is that it is still connection-oriented, and you get the 3 msg overhead of the handshakes. I am yet to find something which doesn't have this type of connections. I'm starting to think that it is necessary, that I am missing something. But I suppose that what I want could be written quite easily on top of UDP. I haven't considered congestion control et al, which might require a connection concept. So, in short, I'm still thinking. – Alexander Torstling Jun 8 '10 at 17:53

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