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I stumbled upon this javascript obfuscator called Squash, I want to use it on my ExtJS project to obfuscate my javascript files. I've tried it and the result are totally obfuscated codes. But it seems that I have to obfuscate the ExtJS library too because I got warnings that it couldn't find functions such as Ext.onReady(), Ext.form.FormPanel(), etc.

I just want to ask if any of you guys have successfully used Squash + ExtJS in a project and how did you manage to make it work.

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I would like to suggest another javascript obfuscation tool: http://jscrambler.com.

The tool is able to detect and replace identifiers with private access so you can/should only obfuscate your extjs application.

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Great tool with great API client. –  PauloASilva Aug 27 '14 at 15:42

Typical rtfm: The @Public annotation on the setDocumentTitle function prevents the function name from being obfuscated so that it can be accessed from unobfuscated code.

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try http://dean.edwards.name/packer/ with check on Base62 encode Shrink variables it worked for me on my extjs application with out the need for to obfuscate the ExtJS library too

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