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(using Python-Sphinx Documentation tool)

I have a .txt log file I'd like to build into _build/html unaltered. What do I need to alter in conf.py, index.rst, etc.

Here is the layout:


How do I get somefile.txt into the html build? I tried adding a line like this to index.rst:


.. toctree::
   :maxdepth: 2


hoping it would work by magic, but no magic here!

Assuming this is even possible, what would I put in some_doc.rst to refer/link to that file?

Note Yes, I'm aware I could put it in /static and just be done with it, but that seems like a total hack, and ugly.

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The correct answer is the :download: role.

Cf: Georg's answer on the Sphinx Mailing List

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How is adding a download link the answer to "how to build in a file unaltered?" –  mabraham Jan 13 at 17:38
The mailing list link in the answer is dead. Is this the message that you refer to? groups.google.com/d/msg/sphinx-users/LZzb8wlAoSs/FHU1eN6RMBAJ –  mzjn Jul 23 at 10:51

I think you can include an external document fragment, as described here:


From that text, something like this should do it:

.. include:: inclusion.txt
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not quite what I want, but I'm looking over :raw: and other roles. I'm not trying to include a "fragment", but bring over a while file as is, so I can link to it, a la -> if you look at the log <mylog.txt>_ .... –  Gregg Lind May 27 '10 at 15:17

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