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i'm trying to get a redirect in my silverstripe site: i created my own module, and now i want that, after login, the user will be redirect to that.

I've tried with Director::redirect($Url_base. 'myModule'), but it doesn't works. Anyone of u got suggestions?



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Ed I think we need some more info to help you out. Where is the module, front end or back end? Are we talking different page types from the module, or a new admin interface? – drye Jun 23 '10 at 19:32

I did something like that:

class MyLoginForm extends MemberLoginForm {
public function dologin($data) {
    if( Director::redirected_to() and $Member = Member::currentUser() ) {
        if($Member->Email == "admin") {
    $destination = '/admin';
    } else {
    $destination = '/user/'.$Member->Username;


If its the admin user I redirect him to /admin. If it's an other user I redirect him to /user/username.

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