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I've been stuck on this one for some time now and would really appreciate some assistance. I'm developing a superfish horizontal dropdown menu.

I would like to know how to, using supersubs, set the width of the dropdown menu items to that of the largest items width in the drop down.

The default is : $('ul.sf-menu').supersubs({ minWidth: 40, maxWidth: 41, extraWidth: 1 }).superfish();

I would like something like : $('ul.sf-menu').supersubs({ minWidth: 40, **maxWidth: auto or 100%**, extraWidth: 1 }).superfish();

I would appreciate any help at all.

Regards, Byron

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supersubs min and maxwidth are in em's not % or pixels

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Thanks, i got this sorted. For anyone wondering, my problem was that i was calling the supersubs on sf-menu before the DOM had loaded, which obviously didnt resize the elements to the largest width. –  Byron Cobb Jun 30 '10 at 14:09

I was having trouble with supersubs being a little buggy, and I figured out a superior CSS-only alternative. The drop-down <UL> and it's <LI> children should have no width set (or width:auto; if needed, I suppose), and both should be set to display:block;

#nav li ul a { display:block; width:auto; white-space:no-wrap; } 

You can see an example at http://epraxadev.com/clcnewport/comp/supersubs.html

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Whoops. This doesn't work if the menu items need to be the same width (like in a menu where the background-color of a link changes on hover) –  Kevin C. Dec 2 '10 at 2:21

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