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I am an ASP.NET newbie and I am trying to design an OpenID/SSO system for an internal web application. The web application is pretty simple and the authentication is currently being managed by a database with usernames and passwords. I want to replace the existing accounts stored in the database with Google Apps accounts.

I have downloaded the latest DotNetOpenAuth- package and got the OpenIdRelyingPartyWebForms sample up and running on IIS. I have built my own login page using just a OpenIdButton object that points to a development Google domain.

The button seems to work fine in FireFox, at least it is forwarding me to the Google Apps login, but nothing happens when I load the same page in IE. When I click the Google button, nothing happens, zip. The same is true for the Yahoo button in the login.aspx page given in the sample.

Here is the .aspx code I am using...

<rp:OpenIdButton runat="server" ImageUrl="" Text="Login with Google!" ID="googleLoginButton" Identifier="" />
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I think the Google Apps Marketplace tutorial for .NET answers your question:

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