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Is there a way to parse all all the classes in a groovy script? To Parse ONE class right now:

java.lang.Class clazz = groovyClassLoader.parseClass(new File("MainApp.groovy"))


class MainApp {
   def doIt() {}

class OtherMainApp {
  def doTheRest() {}

This will return only MainApp.

I would like something like this:

java.lang.Class[] clazz = groovyClassLoader.parseClass(new File("MainApp.groovy"))

where clazz contains will contain both MainApp class and OtherMainApp class

Basically I want to be able to extract all the declared classes in a script.

Because of the nature of the app that I'm building groovyc command won't help



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No can do:


You could do it yourself though: you could parse the class yourself (just count the {} pairs), dump it out to a new file, and away you go. Ugly? yes. Painful? Very. Possible? Maybe. Better solution? Not until Groovy fixes the bug.

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