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On a development server on our network, we have a sourcesafe-controlled ASP.Net (framework 3.5) web application we're developing. We would like to make it available to the client across the Internet for an orientation period before they deploy it on their LAN.

It currently exists on our network as a canonically-addressed name. E.g., if you type in "webApp" anywhere on our LAN, you'll be sent to the site. It has its own internal IP address on a multi-homed server that also runs two other websites.

The website lives on a shared hard drive on the development server. So I tried to make a virtual directory on our main website point to it. I got a 500 error, so I created a web application on the virtual directory which was apparently successful. Another 500 error ensued, so I configured FrontPage extensions on the web application which also seems to have worked.

It does apparently find 'WebApp', but I keep getting a HTTP 500 internal server error when trying to view Of course, Event Viewer is silent on the matter. SO I deleted the virtual directory and I'm ready to start over.

So how can I get this working?


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An incorrectly configured web.config could also cause these HTTP 500 errors. If you log onto to local machine where the application files live and try viewing the application in your browser from there, you should be able to see more details about the error. – rlb.usa May 27 '10 at 17:31
Might be beneficial to direct your answer to – John M May 27 '10 at 17:49

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