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How should I go about writing a backwards like statement using NHibernate criteria?

WHERE 'somestring' LIKE [Property] + '%'

Sub Question:

Can you access the abstract root alias in a SQLCriterion expression?

This is somewhat achievable using the SQLCriterion expression

Expression.Sql("? like {alias}.[Property] + '.%'", value, NHibernateUtil.String);

However, in the case of class inheritance, {alias} is replaced with the incorrect alias for the column.

Example (these classes are stored in separate tables):

public abstract class Parent 
    public virtual string Property { get; set; }

public class Child : Parent { }

The above query executed with Child as the root type will replace {alias} with the alias to the Child table rather than the Parent table. This results in an invalid column exception.

I need to execute a like statement as above where the property exists on the parent table rather than on the root type table.

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+1, I am also interested if a solution to this exists. –  VoodooChild May 27 '10 at 21:26

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Have you tried adding the NOT (!) in front of the operator for the one you want but don't want. i think it might work.

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Expression.Not(Expression.Like("Property", value, MatchMode.StartsWith))? That's not the same thing. –  Joel May 27 '10 at 18:26

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