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What is the translation of the following HQL query to EclipseLink compliant JPQL :

select p from NameList list, Person p
where p.name in elements(list.names)

(this is just a variation of a HQL example query taken from here)

In EclipseLink the IN function doesn't seem to take property paths :

Internal Exception: NoViableAltException(36!=[693:1: inExpression[boolean not, Object left] returns [Object node] : (t= IN n= inputParameter | t= IN LEFT_ROUND_BRACKET (itemNode= inItem ( COMMA itemNode= inItem )* | subqueryNode= subquery ) RIGHT_ROUND_BRACKET );])

I could probably solve this with another join, but is there something more compact?

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I found the solution :

select p from NameList list, Person p
where p.name member of list.names

This solution is JPA 2 compliant.

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