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I cloned an svn repo with git svn clone ... and now I want to push changes to it. after that I will use this repo to rebase everything and commit back to svn. The problem that pushing to a non-bare repo seems to not be a good idea, and git svn seems unhappy about working with a bare one?

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You can always use an intermediate bare repo. After all, pushing to a repo with which you work is not a good idea. You can also pull to it instead of pushing if this option is available.

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Don't understand this answer. 1. Why is "pushing to a repo with which you work" not a good idea? 2. How can you "pull to" something? –  Ed Randall Mar 10 at 10:01
1. because then you will need to sync the working copy with pushed commits manually. 2. with git pull –  wRAR Mar 10 at 10:02

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