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Im trying to dynamically create a method chain in one attribute in my model. By now I have this function:

def create_filtered_attribute(attribute_name)
          alias_attribute "#{attribute_name}_without_filter", attribute_name

          define_method "#{attribute_name}" do

so I receive a string with the attribute name, alias it for '*_without_filter*' (alias_method or alias_method_chain fails here, because the attribute isnt there when the class is created), and I create a new method with the attribute name, where I filter its contents.

But somehow, when I call *"#{attribute_name}_without_filter"* it calls my new method (i think because the alias_attribute some how), and the program goes into a stack loop.

Im trying to rename that attribute, so I can use its name for a method...

Can someone please enlighten me on this.

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There is a difference between alias_method and alias_attribute. alias_method actually makes a copy of the old method, whereas alias_attribute just defines new methods, which call old ones.

Note, that model.attribute and model.attribute= methods in ActiveRecord simply call read_attribute and write_attribute, so you always can access your attribute, even if you override it's getter or setter:

  define_method "#{attribute_name}" do
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