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Sometimes I watch screen casts where someone is using text mate.

I'm a rails developer, so these are rails screen casts.

They'll type something like:


for example

and "end" will automatically appear underneath.

I do have the bundle for Rails enabled - why doesn't this happen for me?


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The file you're editing needs the right extension (.rb in your case) to make Textmate understand the right bundle to use.

What do you see down at the bottom of your TM window? (After Line# and Column#)?

Is that "Plain Text"?

If you see something different from Ruby or Ruby on Rails click on the little up/down arrows on the right of It to open the dropdown list of bundles and select: Ruby or Ruby on Rails.

This way, when you hit TAB after writing "def" It will auto-complete the method creation for you.

You can also check Bundles > Bundle editor > Edit snippets... (then choose Ruby) to see if you have the snippet "def" configured to being fired when you hit TAB (see under Declaration > Methods).

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For any late-comers like me, make sure you use the Ruby on Rails bundle for .rb files, and the HTML(Rails) bundle for template files (.erb).

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Thanks for the info. Very helpful for beginners like me. –  politicus Feb 13 '12 at 8:43

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