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I need a regex expression (PCRE) to match a integer number inside a string, being the string like : image89.jpg

I've tried many options without success.

I'm using preg_replace() by the way

My last attempt :

preg_replace('(\d+)', '$1', 'image89.jpg');
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Besides not having a proper delimiter (most PREG patterns will use /, but other matching characters can be used), the only thing that replacement would accomplish is to return the exact same string you provided as input. –  eyelidlessness May 27 '10 at 21:14
you want to match or to replace ? –  leonbloy May 27 '10 at 21:15

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preg_match('/\d+/', 'image89.jpg', $matches);
$digit = $matches[0];

If you plan to find multiple sets of digits in the same string, you'll want to use preg_match_all.

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