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Every time that I change a value in the designer after saving it, the .designer.cs file will be deleted.

Can anyone tell me how can I fix this problem?

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Move 'using' directives in your DataContext.cs and DataContext.designer.cs files into the 'namespace' definition.

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The *.designer.cs files are completely generated by designer. You should not write any your own code into this file. The classes and/or methods are partial, so you can extend/change the behaviour in the separate file.

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Don't place your own code in the designer file, instead use a separate file leveraging the partial classes concept.

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I thinks this should solve the problem but I have 2 other dbml files which I wrote my code in their code files and there is no problem but since yesterday every new dbml files has it. – mrtaikandi Nov 15 '08 at 13:51

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