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When I execute the command './doctrine build-all-reload'

It comes out the following output:

build-all-reload - Are you sure you wish to drop your databases? (y/n) y

build-all-reload - Successfully dropped database for connection named 'doctrine'

build-all-reload - Generated models successfully from YAML schema

build-all-reload - Successfully created database for connection named 'doctrine'

Badly constructed integrity constraints. Cannot define constraint of different f ields in the same table.

Here is the source code of Doctrine that outputs the error: here

What causes the error? How can I debug where the error comes from?

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Could you post the code of either your YAML File or - if you wrote them yourself - your Models? That's where the problem should be.

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ok thanks, I found the error. It is concerning the creation order of tables – Capitaine Jun 2 '10 at 15:23

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