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You will need to download a 4Shared file so that I can give you all the information necessary.

Problem: I am using the FRAMESET tab and I have links put in the left hand column and when clicked, they only open in that column when I want them to open up the full screen, not with a new tab though.

Here is where you can get a word file with all the writing that I put in notepad for my pages. Each Word page is a different Notepad file, and there are pictures on the bottom to help understand.



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Welcome to SO, Jordan! Are you sure you can't explain your problem without a file download? I'm not keen on visiting random links for downloads, and I know I'm not the only one. You can post sample code in your question with the "101 / 010" button. –  Pops May 27 '10 at 22:53

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You need to specify a target="_parent" for the link. IE:

<a href="mylink" target="_parent">Click!</a>

Are you sure you want to use framesets though? It's very 1990s...

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and framesets are amazing. I personally have a mac-like dock on my site and I use a frameset to keep it on the bottom.

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