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How can I draw a concave corner rectangle in WPF?

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You can create this by Path Operation under Expression blend (Menu - Object-> Path operations) I have created a Path by subtracting four ellipse against a rectangle.

the Path.Data for a concave rectangle is given below, @Kent Fredric logic in the previous answer will be helpful to implement one.

alt text

M17.200002,0L120.4,0 120.4,2.3066998E-06C120.4,6.7378696,128.10079,12.200001,137.60001,12.200001L137.60001,85.400003C128.10077,85.400003,120.4,90.862138,120.4,97.6L17.200002,97.6C17.200002,90.862151,9.4993697,85.400003,0,85.400003L0,12.199999C9.4993663,12.200015,17.200002,6.7378725,17.200002,0z

See the blog post here http://jobijoy.blogspot.com/2008/11/concave-cornered-rectangle-blend-tip.html

Another way to get this is to create a WPF Custom Shape like bellow

public class ConcaveRectangle:System.Windows.Shapes.Shape
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Thank you, I asked this question on a different forum and got the same solution by using the Path function in WPF. –  Bob Kerlinger Nov 20 '08 at 19:53
do you mean a rectangle with concave corners?, ie: 
    |                    |
  __|                    |__
 |                          |
 |                          |
 |                          |
 |__                      __|
    |                    |

Given a rectangle of dimension w x h with corner radius r There are 4 corners:

A :  0,0
B :  w,0
C :  w,h
D :  0,h

There is an implicit minimum size of

w = 2r
h = 2r

There are 4 Circle Centers, A,B,C,D

And there's thus a grid of edge points:

|                              |
(0,0+r)                  (w,0+r)
|                              |
|                              |
(0,h-r)                  (w,h-r)
|                              |

Then its merely a case of computing the arc from one point to another.

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I should point out that if it's concave, the four sides aren't both identical and straight; thus it's not a rectangle. But I digress.

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