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Please look at http://www.mymix947.com In the header i have a 1px border to the right of the banner. You will see a black line dividing the banner and listen live button.

This is an i-frame and I can't seem to eliminate the line.

This seems to only happen with Windows 7 - IE Browser 8.0.7

When my browser is full screen - i dont see it, but if i shrink the browser slightly - the line is there.

Any tips would be great!


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I don't see it in these browsers on Windows 7:

  • Firefox 3.6.3
  • IE 8.0.7
  • IE 8.0.7 in compatibility mode
  • IE 7

Since I am unable to replicate the problem as stated in these browsers it be full screen or not, you should check if the problem isn't on your computer only or perhaps has something to do with add-ons on your system.

Try looking on another PC if the problem occurs there.

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