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There is a problem I need help with your query on the data using LINQ to SQL and Entity Framework (I'm using Visual Studio 2010).

I have three tables:

  1. tblNewsDetails
  2. tblNewsCategories
  3. tblNewsInCategories

(See photo 1 in the picture below.)

Now, I want to retrieve records in the tblNewsDetails table, with condition CategoryId=1, as shown in photo 2 in the picture below.

But NewsID and CategoryId in tblNewsInCategories table are two foreign keys. I do not see them and I do not know how to use them in my code.

Also, my code has errors, shown in photo 3 in the picture below.

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I really doubt you're using LINQ to SQL and Entity Framework at the same time... You're probably using Linq to Entities, not Linq to SQL –  Thomas Levesque May 28 '10 at 8:18

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There's a couple approaches possible, here's one of em

from n in tblNewsInCategories.Include("NewsCategory").Include("NewsDetail")
where n.NewsCategory.CategoryID == 1
select n.NewsDetail

remember that n (and b, in your exemple) are TblNewsInCategories entities, which probably have the following properties :

    public int NewsInCategories { get; set; } // your middle table primary key
    public TblNewsCategory NewsCategory { get; set; } // a navigation property
    public TblNewsDetails NewsDetail { get; set; } // a navigation property

so in order to access NewsId and CategoryId, you have to go through the navigation properties.

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Thank you very much Dynami Le-Savard. I have solved this problem. (I've lost three days to try to solve). You're a good person, and have good knowledge. I want to make friends with you on facebook :-) –  Peter Do May 28 '10 at 17:03

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