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I am not able to figure out which drivers should I use. Even I don't know what I have.

When I am trying to make the connection string through the .udl file it only shows SYbase ASE OleDB Provider

while in install folder I can see in driver list Syabse Ase ODBC driver but in connection string it is unable to pick up the driver, here I used Driver = (Sybase ASE ODBC Driver)

What should I go for?


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Using udl you have only the possibility to generate a connection string that uses an oledb provider. A Sybase ODBC Connection String would look like this

"ODBC;Driver={SYBASE ASE ODBC Driver};Srvr=myServerName;Database=my_db;UID=myUsername;PWD=myPassword"

Alternativly, you could create an odbc DSN (using ODBC data source adminitration) and then use a connection string like this


In case you are connecting through .net, why don't you install the native provider Sybase.Data.AseClient (Adaptive Server Enterprise Managed Provider). In that case the connection string would be like the following

Dim cn As New AseConnection("Data Source='servername';Port='5000';UID='myUsername';PWD='myPassword';Database='my_db';")
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How to install Sybase.Data.AseClient (Adaptive Server Enterprise Managed Provider). For that I am not getting the direct link –  Nits May 31 '10 at 10:27
It is included in the Sybase ASE installation cd (ASE Data Providers - ADO.NET) –  George Dontas May 31 '10 at 10:40

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