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Background about myself:

I have about 3 years experience working in Java/J2EE. I am currently pursuing MS in Software Engineering at a reputed university. I have done several classwork projects on Ruby on Rails and can be considered at Intermediate level expertise with ROR.

I have an interview coming up next week for a Ruby on Rails developer position at a startup. I have already prepared all the basics of Ruby on Rails but didn't get a lot input on the questions asked for ROR developers. Can you guys help me with the preparation? Any materials, suggestions would be welcome.

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Here are some responses prepared earlier: What Ruby and Rails Developers Ought To Know?

Some of this is going to depend on the level of the role your are looking at. If I was interviewing someone from the Java world I would be probing to make sure they understood some of the common Ruby idioms, particularly blocks and closures.

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Create a github account and made some patch to several project.

Be active in Open source community. It's really a good start

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