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For Sqilte3 C API, I would use sqlite3_last_insert_rowid. How to get this id when using ActiveRecord after insert a new record? I use following way to insert a new record : |s|
     s.a = 1
     s.b = 2
     #I expected the return value of save to be the last_insert_id, but it is NOT   
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'save' method returns true or false based on if saving was successful or not try smth like:

new_section = do |s|
    s.a = 1
    s.b = 2   

p new_section 

it should print all fields you set manually plus any automatically filled values, including last_insert_id being usually the record 'id'

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Assuming you've used the ActiveRecord default field name to hold the primary key, then
will hold the id of the record you've just saved.

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