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I've got kind of a conceptual question. I am in the process of wrapping some statistics classes I wrote into WPF.

For that I have two DataGrid(-Views, currently in WinForms). In one DataGrid each row represents a column in the other. There I can set-up different variables (as in mathematical/statistical variables) with fields like "Header", "DataType", "ValidationBehaviour", "DisplayType". There I can also set-up how it should be displayed. Some Columns can automatically be set to ComboBoxColumns, some TextBoxColumns, and so on and so forth.

So, now once I've set-up these Columns I can go to the other grid and enter my data. I may, for instance, have generated (in grid 1) one Column called "Annual Gross Salary" with input of numerical values. Another Column called "Education" with "0=NoEducation", "1=College Level", "3=Universitary" etc. These labels are displayed as text in the combobox and my statistics engine behind then selects the respective value (0-3) for calculations (i.e. ordinal, nominal variables).

Sooo. In WinForms I could basically generate all the columns by hand in code and then add my data in the respective cells/rows. Now in WPF I thought that must be easy to realise. However, yesterday I got started with ICustomPropertyDescriptor which (maybe I was too thick) didn't give me the results I was looking for.

Basically, I just need to be able to dynamically generate columns (and rows) with different Layout, Controls (ComboBox, simple Input, DateTimes) based on the data that I have. But I don't really know how to go about it?

So here in summary:

  • DataGrid 1

    • Purpose is to display columns that have been specified in DataGrid 2
    • In rows, the user can add any kind of data in the rows below the columns that is allowed as to the columns specifications
  • DataGrid 2

    • Each row in this grid represents a column in DataGrid 1
    • Contains fields like Name/Header, DataType, Validation Behaviour, Default Value, Data Formatting, etc.
    • Also contains a function to be able to set-up how it should be displayed. The user can select from, for instance, ComboBoxColumn (and also add the available options), DateTime, normal TextBox, CheckBox etc.
    • After finishing adding a row it will automatically appear as a new column in DataGrid 1

I'd appreciate any kind of pointer into the right direction. Thanks very, very much in advance! :)

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Look up DataTemplates. They do exactly this. The UI is determined by the related type.

Here is an MSDN article...

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