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I need a big, driver-internal memory buffer with several tens of megabytes (non-paged, since accessed at dispatcher level).
Since I think that allocating chunks of non-continuous memory will more likely succeed than allocating one single continuous memory block (especially when memory becomes fragmented) I want to implement that memory buffer as a linked list of memory blocks.

What size should the blocks have to efficiently load the memory pages?
(read: not to waste any page space)

  • A multiple of 4096? (equally to the page size of the OS)
  • A multiple of 4000? (not to waste another page for OS-internal memory allocation information)
  • Another size?

Target platform is Windows NT >= 5.1 (XP and above)
Target architectures are x86 and amd64 (not Itanium)

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Tens of megabytes of non-paged? I smell a fish. At dispatch level you're not supposed to do a lot. Therefore you generally don't need a lot of memory either. –  MSalters May 28 '10 at 8:47
@MSalters: that buffer is there for holding network packets until a system service has transferred them to a paged memory area in a PASSIVE_LEVEL DevIoControl function. Packets mustn't be missed, hence the size. –  Robert May 28 '10 at 8:59

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