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does ansi c allows serial communication on rs232 null modem?

if yes then any one give me example?

thanx in advance

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Are you talking about writing a driver for a physical UART device, or an application that transfers data over a serial link? –  Vicky May 28 '10 at 9:23

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Ansi C has nothing to do with serial communications. ANSI C is a formal description of the C language, it doesn't define libraries. Communicating with an RS-232 modem is possible with C language, but it will be completely different in different platforms (Windows, Linux, embedded processors).

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It does, in as much as there's nothing in the language which prevents it, but it depends on your OS/platform to provide access to an appropriate device driver (or an abstraction of one).

For an (elaborate) example, refer to the source to the minicom package (GPL). Something simpler (on a POSIX-like platform) might involve opening a device node, using ioctl to configure it (baud rate etc), then you can simply read and write on the open file descriptor.

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