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I have a TPH heirachy along the lines of:





I have A as Abstract, and all the other classes are concrete with a single discriminator column.

This works fine, but I want C and G to be abstract also. If I do that, and remove their discriminators from the mapping, I get error 3034 'Two entities with different keys are mapped to the same row'. I cannot see how this statement can be correct, so I assume it's a bug in some way.

Is it possible to do the above?


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Seeing as they are abstract - so there are no entities in the database - have you tried just lying and pretending they do have a discriminator.

This should satisfy the mapping, but since the classes are abstract you still won't be able to create or materialize.


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Unfortunately no, as I get the error saying that two entities are being mapped to the same row. Lee –  Lee Atkinson Jun 2 '10 at 14:32

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