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This seems very strange to me.

I know through some adventurous inheritance you can convert most UIElements to a button, but it is a cumbersome way of implementing the most basic of of computer events

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You might get better help if you rephrased your question so we know why you want a Click event. Most likely you just want MouseDown or MouseUp. – moswald Jun 2 '10 at 18:23
I'm not really looking for an answer to a specific question, I'm more wondering why microsoft would leave this out. – Shane Jun 8 '10 at 12:32
I agree with the question. There is a very distinct difference between MouseDown/MouseUp and Click events. In order to jump from the first raw events to the second (derived), a certain logic has to execute: whether MouseUp corresponds to the previous MouseDown (over the same control, with the same mouse-button..). It becomes even trickier when the need for DoubleClick arises. IMHO this logic should be provided by the framework (i.e. WPF), instead of each of us be implementing our own home-grown mechanisms. WinForms does!.. Is is so hard for WPF to do? – Astrogator Sep 12 '12 at 15:52

The ButtonBase class certainly has a Click event. So has derived classes.

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I think the most basic events are MouseDown and MouseUp which are available to every UIElement

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use RoutedEvents event if you really need to use. Other wise use dependency property to register a Click event against your control and then do what ever you want to do.

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You can add RoutedEvents to your controls.

Here is an implementation example

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