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I have a child Window , and I am displaying it from the code behind as below:

ChildPhotoViewer PhotoViewer = new ChildPhotoViewer();
                PhotoViewer.DataContext = selectedPhoto;
                PhotoViewer.Title = selectedPhoto.strTitle.ToString();

But While Displaying the child window I am getting the Close Button and a Border thickness arround the Window.

I am able to hide the Close Button but is there a way to hide the thickness(Border) across the child window.


![alt text][1]

In the Image , there is border arround image after Collpasing the Close button and making

PhotoViewer.Title = null;
PhotoViewer.HasCloseButton = false;

I want to get rid of that Rectangular Border.

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Have you tried:-

PhotoViewer.BorderThickness = new Thickness(0);


Perhaps you are refering to the title block across the top of the window?

PhotoViewer.Title = null;
PhotoViewer.HasCloseButton = false;


Third attempt.

The template for ChildWindow place the content in border with a 7 pixel margin. This also has an outer border which has a White background. That is what you are seeing in the image. The only way to eliminate it is to copy the ChildWindow template and edit it.

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Yes, Tried now, isn't workin tis way –  Simsons May 28 '10 at 12:22
@Subhen: Are you refering to the title block above the child window? –  AnthonyWJones May 28 '10 at 12:50

Depends on what you mean by the Border.

If you have a look at the Documentation you can see there is a border (with a thickness of 1) around the edge of the entire window that can be altered like Anthony mentions.

However there is also the window Chrome which in the default template has a number of borders. To change the thickness of these borders you will need to create a style without the borders being present.

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