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I am getting an warning while building my source code as follows:

/* */
/Users/biranchi/Desktop/Hotlist v2.0/Classes/HLCheckinViewController.xib:6: warning: The separator style "Single Line Etched" is not supported on iPhone OS versions prior to 3.2.

What is this error due to ?


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I suspect you are using a grouped table with the separator style set to "Single line etched" and are compiling with SDK 3.1.3. In interface builder change the separator style to "Single line" and rebuild.

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In addition to setting the project's deployment target, XIB files have their own deployment version. Select the XIB file in Xcode, and go to the File Inspector (View -> Utilities -> File Inspector), under the "Interface Builder Document" section of the inspector, and set "Deployment" to at least iOS 3.2.

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After spending much time with a cryptic message, I now see that the build version had nothing to do with the message, but rather the IB version. Thanks. – emp Oct 4 '11 at 22:05

Dont' play with tableview separator property in the interface builder..... I just keep separator as it is in the IB is "single lined" and in ViewWillappear or viewdidload add below line..

tableview.separatorStyle = tableview.UITableViewCellSeparatorStyleSingleLineEtched
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