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I'm looking for a solution to profile my php scripts within the browser (rather than having to use *cachegrind)

I saw this a while ago http://particletree.com/features/php-quick-profiler/, but i have no idea how good it is (or accurate)

tips/advice appreciated

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xdebug generates cachegrind files, so you will likely want to avoid that. I currently use XHProf http://mirror.facebook.net/facebook/xhprof/doc.html as it includes a great web interface for seeing profiling results.

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thanks looks interesting, will give it a go –  mononym May 28 '10 at 12:06

Can you use XDebug? If so, you can use this technique, which I think is as effective as any profiler.

In a profiler, don't look for accuracy of timing measurements. That is usually bought at the expense of accuracy of finding the problem.

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yes i have xdebug installed, thanks for the link, i'll take a look –  mononym May 28 '10 at 12:04

I've used Benchmark on different sites, for quick & easy profiling - it works as expected: not great, but good enough for my needs.

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I am using as simple code as this one.
Just $TIMER['mark']=microtime(TRUE); all other the code:

// some code
$TIMER['q1 start']=microtime(TRUE);
$TIMER['q1 end']=microtime(TRUE);  
// some code
$TIMER['q2 start']=microtime(TRUE);
$TIMER['q2 end']=microtime(TRUE);  
// some code

and then simple table with results:

if ('' === $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']) {
  echo "<table border=1><tr><td>name</td><td>so far</td><td>delta</td><td>per cent</td></tr>";
  foreach($TIMER as $name => $value) {
    echo "<tr><td>$name</td><td>$sofar</td><td>$delta</td><td>$percent</td></tr>";
    echo "</table><>";

It isn't as comprehensive as xDebug output, but it can find a bottleneck and I need nothing more.

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