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I'm using Ryan Bates' excellent scope_builder to conditionally build a new named scope to use in a search() method of an Active Record model.

The example documentation shows that you can do something like the following:

  # in product model
  def self.search(options)
    scope_builder do |builder|
      builder.cheap if options[:cheap]

But, when I include the relevant version of the above code in my model and call search() with some options passed, what I get returned is an instance of ScopeBuilder::Builder and not the results of executing the chained named scope with the options I've passed, which is what I would expect.

My question is: How do I get the results of executing builder(options) instead of an instance of the builder?

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Looks like the scope_builder block was designed to return the scope-builder instance, so you'll have to get the results from the instance.

Try using .all on the instance to grab the results. For instance something like:

@results = Product.search().all

From his tests, it looks like this should work (line 47: "should be able to build up scope in block").

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Yep, that totally works. Thanks! It should have occurred to me to look at the tests. Great thinking. –  Gabe Hollombe Nov 16 '08 at 15:07
I totally had to watch his railscast on named_scope again before it occurred to me. Glad I could help! –  Jon Smock Nov 16 '08 at 21:32

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