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I have an ASP.NET web app (with C#). In it I have a form with several fields and validators. For one of the validators I only need to validate when:

  • a certain textbox is empty
  • and a certain record does not exist in the database (this is already handled).

I know I can't enable/disable the validator on page_load because something might be entered into that textbox. I also tried the following in the onclick event of the submit button but it didn't seem to work:

                    Validator1.Enabled = true;

I also tried Page.Validate() but that didn't work either...

Can anyone please help?


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Use a customvalidator. Inside the Validation Event you have code like this pseudo code:

OnValidating(object sender, ServerValidateEventArgs e)
 if(CertainTextBox.Text.IsNullOrEmpty() && CertainRecordDoesNotExistInDB))
 // validate
// and set e.Valid to the desired validation output
 e.IsValid = false;
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this things should be done by JavaScript on client. Then on submit you should validate at server side.

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