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I have the following code:

$('#select_albums').load(document.location.href + "&action=get_albums");

But this is only replacing only the first found div with the id #select_albums from DOM. How do I replace all divs with an id?

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Every item in the DOM has a unique id. If you want to act on many divs at the same time use a class $(".myclass") or a tag $("div") selector.

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It works! Thanks a lot. It actually makes sense – Dudul May 28 '10 at 14:26

Yes because by definition an element ID can only appear once on a page. If you have more elements use a class instead.

$('.select_albums').load(document.location.href + "&action=get_albums");


<div class="select_albums"></div>
<div class="select_albums"></div>
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id's must be unique, try using a class instead such as $(".albums").load...

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ids must be unique

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