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I am working on a page in witch all its contents are scaled by using zoom. The problem is that when I drag something in the page the dragging item gets a bad position that seems relative to the zoom amount.

To solve this I tried to do some math on the position of the draggable component, but seems that even tho visually its corrected, the "true" position its not recalculated.

here is some code to explain better:

var zoom = Math.round((parseFloat($("body").css("zoom")) / 100)*10)/10;

var x = $(this).data('draggable').position;
$(this).data('draggable').position.left = Math.round(x.left/zoom);
$(this).data('draggable').position.top = Math.round(x.top/zoom);

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Took a lot of time and effort to fix this, but finally, I have a solution that works.

This solution works for both Firefox and IE. #canvas is the div that contains the draggable. Note that we have to make sure the elements stays inside the canvas manually.

This also works if if canvas has a different zoom level than the rest of the page.

var pointerX;
var pointerY;
  start : function(evt, ui) {
    pointerY = (evt.pageY - $('#canvas').offset().top) / zoom - parseInt($(evt.target).css('top'));
    pointerX = (evt.pageX - $('#canvas').offset().left) / zoom - parseInt($(evt.target).css('left'));
  drag : function(evt, ui) {
    var canvasTop = $('#canvas').offset().top;
    var canvasLeft = $('#canvas').offset().left;
    var canvasHeight = $('#canvas').height();
    var canvasWidth = $('#canvas').width();

    // Fix for zoom
    ui.position.top = Math.round((evt.pageY - canvasTop) / zoom - pointerY); 
    ui.position.left = Math.round((evt.pageX - canvasLeft) / zoom - pointerX); 

    // Check if element is outside canvas
    if (ui.position.left < 0) ui.position.left = 0;
    if (ui.position.left + $(this).width() > canvasWidth) ui.position.left = canvasWidth - $(this).width();  
    if (ui.position.top < 0) ui.position.top = 0;
    if (ui.position.top + $(this).height() > canvasHeight) ui.position.top = canvasHeight - $(this).height();  

    // Finally, make sure offset aligns with position
    ui.offset.top = Math.round(ui.position.top + canvasTop);
    ui.offset.left = Math.round(ui.position.left + canvasLeft);
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can you provide a JSFiddle link that works? we would appreciate it in question 8605439 –  Janus Troelsen Dec 22 '11 at 16:31
Seems someone already copied my code to that question. :-) –  torke1 Jan 11 '12 at 9:01
I have the same problem. Is zoom a percentage or the actual value? –  Ricardo Peres Feb 26 '13 at 21:18
It's a long time since I did this, but looking at the code, it must be the (float) value, where 1.0 is 100% zoom. Try it out! –  torke1 Mar 20 '13 at 14:33

For future reference - if someone would ever be encountering the same problem - a similar question + working answer can be found here.

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Are you taking the scroll position, margin and padding into account? Such as:

x.left + 
parseInt($(this).css('margin-left')) + 
parseInt($(this).css('padding-left')) + 

x.top + 
parseInt($(this).css('margin-top')) + 
parseInt($(this).css('padding-top')) + 

Then adjusting for the zoom value as needed?

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the caclulation is good, the returning value for offset().top is wrong when zoom is not 1.0 –  Mladen Janjetović Jan 10 at 13:42

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