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i've a problem for a table update. follow table structure:



I've to totalize each product in table2.

For example:

SELECT COUNT(*) as tot, ProductID_1 FROM Table1 GROUP Table1 

then the UPDATE table2 SET total =..??? (how can i do) WHERE productID_1 = ....

Hope you can help me.

Thank you

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What database type? SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL? –  Brian Mains May 28 '10 at 15:07

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Your options in terms of simplifying the query greatly depend on the product and version you are using. However, a solution that should work in most databases would be:

Update Table2
Set Total = (
            Select Count(*)
            From (
                    Select productId_1 As ProductId From Table1
                    Union All Select productId_2 From Table1
                    Union All Select productId_3 From Table1
                    ) As Z
            Where Table2.ProductId = Z.ProductId
            Group By ProductId

A big reason this query is cumbersome is that the data in Table1 is not normalized. Instead you should consider a structure for Table1 like:

Create Table Table1 (
                    TableId <datatype> not null
                    , ProductId <datatype> not null
                    , Constraint PK_Table1 Primary Key ( TableId, ProductId )
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I'm using MYSQL. About the sql thank you, it is was i'm looking for. About the normalization: i know, but it's a database i've inheritance from a customer. –  stighy May 28 '10 at 15:44

You can store the first results in a temp table/table variable (if the DB you are using supports it). For instance, in SQL Server, you can do:

declare @t table
   key int,
   cnt int

insert into @t (key, cnt)
select count(*) as tot, ProductID_1 from Table1 ...

If ProductID_2 and ProductID_3 are in the same table, you can union the results.

Then, insert into table 2:

insert into table2 (productID, Count)
select key, cnt from @t
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SELECT COUNT(*) as total, ProductID 
FROM Table1 
GROUP Table1.ProductID
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